Children's Songs

Iong Me Me Ship Pat Se

The picture on the left side is a famous Hakka dish called "Chhi-Pa". It is made from rice. "Iong Me Me Ship Pat Se" means a lamp which is 18 years old. The song is about a married girl. She takes the train to return to her home. She has made some Chhi-Pa, but she is so poor that she has no sugar to put on it. So she can only eat Chhi-Pa with dirt.
Ngiu Chhia Kia

There is an uphill road in Tungshih called "Ngiu Chhia Kia", meaning a "cow-wagon hill". Becuase this road is steep, people often rest in the middle. This song describes this.
Thien Kung Lok Shiui

"Thien Kung Lok Shiui" means it is raining now. This song is about a rainy day. A little girl wears a hat to a pond and looks at the fishes swiming in the pool.

These songs are sung by students in Tungshih Elementary School and are provided by Ten-Chi Chhi
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